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    My legs were a mess from working on my feet for over 30 years. I started to have pain in... read more - 9/26/2021 

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    Texas Vein and Wellness Institute is a unique medical facility. Dr. Roa and Dr Johnson and their staff address each... read more - 8/17/2021 

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    Dr. Johnson and his team are extremely sweet and professional. I am very pleased with my results and look forward... read more - 8/04/2021 

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    I feel the staff is friendly and at the same time professional. The impression is that they are genuinely concerned... read more - 7/30/2021 

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    The Doctors and Nursing Staff are wonderful! After over 40 years of suffering from open wounds and years of surgeries... read more - 7/08/2021 

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    I had a great customer experience with Doctor Jhonson and his team.
    Thank you Texas Vein& Wellness Institute for 5 star service!
    Magdalena - 6/02/2021 

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    Staff very friendly and Dr Rao explains things and procedure where a person can understand and is gentle and... read more - 4/12/2021 

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    Wonderful staff team, great doctor, great procedure that I have needed for a long time !! - 4/09/2021 

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    Dr. Rao solved all my problems with humor and skill. I am grateful for him! - 3/16/2021 

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    I experienced unexpected pain and was worried about it. I called 1st thing in the morning and Dr Johnson and... read more - 2/23/2021 

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    The procedures were very efficient and painless. - 2/03/2021 

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  • Healthgrades U.

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    I had a wonderful experience at Texas Vein & Wellness Institute. The whole staff was professional and gracious. Dr. Rao... read more - 11/11/2020 

What is Vein Disease?

Explore how vein disease occurs and what it looks like.

Conditions and Treatments

We specialize in treating your problem veins.  Hover over the images below to learn more about treatments.

Leg Pain and Swelling

Leg Pain and Swelling

Often caused by "leaky veins". Leg pain that persists can be a sign of vein disease.

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

are enlarged and dilated veins, that can be visible or below the skin's surface.

Spider Veins

are small unsightly veins that are usually near the skin's surface.

Itching and Burning Legs due to Vein Disease

Itching and burning

fluid leakage into the surrounding tissues can cause itching and burning...

Leg Ulcers due to Vein Disease

Leg Ulcers

breakdown of the skin due to venous reflux. Backflowing blood creates an ulcer which is the final stage of venous reflux disease.

Leg Discoloration due to Vein Disease


Blood depositing in your lower legs can cause inflammation and thinning of the skin. 

Deep Vein Thrombosis a serious Leg Condition

Deep Vein Thrombosis

is a blood clot in the deeper or larger veins in the legs - a dangerous condition.

Restless Leg Syndrome due to Vein Disease

Restless Leg

Uncomfortable sensations and movements in your legs related to vein disease.

Lymphedema is a malfunction of the lymphatic system.


swelling of the legs as a result of a lymphatic system issue.


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