3 Exercises that are Good for Your Veins

3 Exercises that are Good for Your Veins

Posted on December 20, 2021 by Texas Vein & Wellness Institute

3 Exercises that are Good for Your Veins

If you have just been diagnosed with varicose veins, we may recommend that you make a few minor life changes before we perform any type of surgery or procedure. Typically, we recommend that patients lose weight, get regular exercise, and try compressions stockings before we talk about the next steps.

Why Exercise?

Exercise gets the blood pumping through your veins and to your heart which can help increase your overall blood circulation. Additionally, exercise can also help you lose weight which is also another contributing factor to varicose veins. When deciding on some exercises to do to help with your varicose veins, you will want to focus on some cardio workouts that get your heart rate up. So, what kinds of exercises should you consider?


Running is a great way to not only burn extra calories but to get your blood flowing as well. If you are new to running, make sure to take things slow at first so that you don’t get injured. Then, as you get in better shape, you can start increasing your mileage and decreasing your time– who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving running so much that you’ll try out for the Boston Marathon.


One of the best cardio workouts, that’s also easy on your joints, is biking. Biking cannot only strengthen your muscles and help you tone up, but it’s also another great way to increase your blood circulation. If it’s too hot to go biking outside, then consider taking a cycling class at a local Houston cycling studio.


Walking is good for everybody and is another easy and great way to increase your blood circulation. After you get into walking for a couple of weeks, try to increase your workout by walking up hills or stairs— this extra push can help you burn some extra calories.