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If your venous disease is causing painful and cosmetically displeasing conditions on your legs, come visit Texas Vein & Wellness Institute in Brenham. We provide treatment to help reduce pain and care for your legs’ appearance. When you need venous disease treatment in Texas, Texas Vein & Wellness Institute is ready to take care of you. Our Brenham locations helps patients receive the venous disease treatment they need.

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Our providers and staff are devoted to our patients and to the commitment of providing quality patient care on all levels here at Texas Vein & Wellness Institute.

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    Conditions We Treat

    At Texas Vein & Wellness Institute, we know how venous disease’s difficulties can impose on your life, from deep pain to an unfavorable appearance. When you want to reclaim control over your symptoms, our team can help. We offer treatments to help patients reduce pain and the appearance of veins on their legs caused by the following venous disease conditions.

    Comprehensive Lymphedema Care in Brenham, Texas 

    This condition is a swelling of the legs as a result of a malfunction to the lymphatic system. There are very small vessels (lymphatics) that normally capture and transfer the small amount of “leaked” fluid between arterioles and venules in the legs back into the venous circulation. A malfunction can be from hereditary reasons (anatomically defective) or acquired by secondary reasons (surgical damage or removal of lymph nodes, or chronic venous edema).  Early treatment of venous insufficiency may prevent or improve secondary lymphedema.


    Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins can enlarge, bulge or dilate under your skin. They typically occur because of venous reflux, a weak or broken valve in your veins that control blood flow to your heart. When the valve is weak or damaged, it causes blood in your vein to flow backward toward your foot instead of your heart.

    Having varicose veins can cause your legs to feel itchy, painful and achy. Your legs may also swell, cramp and develop ulcers if the vein conditions worsen. Contact Texas Vein & Wellness Institute about our varicose vein treatments in Brenham.


    Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

    Deep vein thrombosis is a condition when a deep and large vein in the legs has a blood clot. Having blood clots in your deep veins is dangerous because they can move into your lung circulation and become fatal. Symptoms you may experience if you have DVT include:

    • Swelling.
    • Cramping.
    • Warmer spots on the skin.
    • Skin discoloration.
    • Unexplained severe pain in your ankle or foot.

    A doctor can diagnose you with DVT after conducting a detailed lower extremity ultrasound.


    Healing Leg Ulcers in Brenham, Texas: Expert Care You Can Trust 

    If your venous reflux disease becomes too much, your skin may develop ulcers. Untreated varicose veins, spider veins, dermatitis and leg swelling can cause your skin to break, turning the wound into an ulcer that can be very painful.


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    Whether you want to receive treatment for varicose veins, DVT, leg ulcers, spider veins or other venous disease conditions, you can trust our Texas Vein & Wellness Institute team. We ensure every patient receives compassionate care during each visit.

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