Our Pillars

Commitment to Our Pillars

At Texas Vein & Wellness Institute, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all those who walk in our doors. We prioritize our patients’ safety, comfort, and well-being above anything else. Using the latest technology, our knowledgeable and empathetic staff will treat your vein disease symptoms with the utmost care and attention to detail. By embodying our pillars in everything we do, we will support you from your first consultation to your recovery.  


Our pillars revolve around our culture statement that all our employees embody as they treat each patient: “Treating and caring for our patients is PRICE – Less”

Our Pillars
Our Pillars

Purposeful, Efficient, and Organized

Our team is committed to treating your vein disease. 

  • Every visit at our office will be purposeful and get you one step closer to treating your vein disease.
  • Our staff is efficient and organized as we care for you throughout your treatment plan. 


Respectful and Positive 

Our team treats our patients and each other the way we would want to be treated. 

  • Respect is the key to improving our patients’ symptoms and lives. 
  • Our staff exudes positivity in every interaction with patients. 


Individuals Matter

We value our patients’ and staff’s uniqueness. 

  • We treat each patient’s unique condition through personalized treatment plans. 
  • We value our staff’s unique strengths and empower them to advance their professional career.  



We continuously strive to make an impact in our community.

  • Our team views ourselves as one large family with a mission to impact our community.
  • Our patients are part of our family and will be cared for and treated as family. 



We ensure that every experience you have is of the highest quality. 

  • We hold each other accountable to standards of excellence to ensure you are treated in an effective and timely manner. 
  • Our providers are knowledgeable on the latest treatments and our staff is always available to answer your questions. 

Live Your Best Life

Vein disease is not something you have to accept as part of your life. By embodying our pillars, Texas Vein & Wellness Institute will deliver treatments that will cure your symptoms and get you back to living the life you want. Taking care of our patients is our number one priority and we will be there with you through every step of your recovery. Take the first step to living the life you want and request an appointment. 

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