Slow or Weak Pulse in Legs

A weak pulse in your leg is a sign of peripheral artery disease (PAD). Together with other PAD symptoms like leg pain, leg weakness and numbness, this condition can cause significant discomfort and severe health risks.

PAD symptoms do not have to slow you down. Texas Vein & Wellness is on a mission to provide you with expert diagnosis and personable care.

What Causes a Weak Pulse in Legs?

PAD develops when the blood vessels in your legs and feet narrow or become blocked by a sticky substance called plaque. Plaque consists of substances like cholesterol and fats. Blocked and narrow arteries reduce the blood flow from your heart to your extremities. Because a PAD sufferer’s blood moves slower, they can experience a weak and slow pulse in their legs and feet — some people feel no pulse at all. 

While you might better your condition with a healthy lifestyle, medical intervention can deal with PAD symptoms like a weak pulse.

Treatment for a Slow and Weak Pulse 

To combat a slow or weak pulse in your legs, you can trust the Texas Vein & Wellness Institute to tackle these symptoms with minimally invasive treatments, promoting quicker recovery. During your initial consultation, your physician will thoroughly explain your treatment options so you can decide which of the following care is best for you: 


This surgical procedure utilizes a high-energy laser to vaporize plaque. Your physician will use a special dye to locate blood vessel buildup and then insert a laser-tipped catheter to target the clogged area. 


In this nonsurgical treatment, we insert a balloon-tipped catheter in your groin and inflate the balloon in a clogged blood vessel, lightly squeezing the buildup against the artery wall. This opens up your blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow. 

Put Your Health in the Hands of a Skilled Team

Texas Vein & Wellness Institute has offered vein and artery treatment since 2013. Throughout the years, we have accumulated a masterful medical team. Because each team member brings significant experience and a desire to serve our patients with care and compassion each day, we can offer you the following:

  • Streamlined services:  With advanced technology at our fingertips, you can get tested and receive expert treatment recommendations during your initial consultation. 
  • Individualized care: Our team of 70 caring professionals works together to offer compassionate care while considering your wants and unique medical needs.
  • Specialized treatment: Because Texas Vein & Wellness Institute specializes in vein and artery care, you can expect the most professional treatment from our board-certified physicians. Our specialized team has conducted over 10,000 procedures. 

Get Treatment From Texas Vein & Wellness Institute

Texas Vein & Wellness Institute’s extensive experience allows us to deeply understand how your health complications impact your life. And we are prepared to help quicken your pulse so you can take strides toward a future with fewer and less severe PAD symptoms. If you are ready to take the first step, book an appointment today

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