VenaSeal is one of the latest developments in the medical field for treating venous disease. VenaSeal is unlikeconventional treatments, in that no heat or local anesthesia is needed. The refluxing vein is closed with aglue-like substance that is FDA approved. Upon closure of the refluxing vein, blood is redirected into new veins and subsequentially relieves symptomsTexas Vein & Wellness Institute was one of the first centers in the United States to perform this procedure. VenaSeal improves blood flow by sealing – or closing – the diseased vein with only one incision of a needle. 


What to Expect 

VenaSeal is a minimally invasive procedure with a small needle incision. Once the affected leg is prepped and draped, a small needle will be placed in the refluxing vein. The doctor will then administer a small amount ofthe adhesive to the diseased vein which seals it off and reroutes blood to healthy veins. VenaSeal has many benefits such as: lower rates of pain, bruising and complications. There is only one incision of the needle and the entire procedure lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.  


After the Procedure 

With VenaSeal, patients are quick to return to their normal lives. You can resume normal activities almost immediately following the completion of the procedure. Unlike other procedures, there is no need for compression stockings after the VenaSeal procedure. It is recommended that patients continue moving and walking as much as possible to allow for proper blood flow. There should be no scarring after the procedure, but it is not unusual to feel hard tender knots on the skin surface (with some redness) since it is a sign of the vein closing. 

The first VenaSeal procedure in Houston

Watch the first VenaSeal procedure performed in Houston, as reported by KPRC TV’s Hailey Hernandez.

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